INSPIRATION 20.08. – 23.08.2021


on holding the International ON-LINE Theatre and Circus Arts Competition INSPIRATION 2021

On-line participation

Deadline for application:  August 1, 2021.

The results of the competition will be published on our website:  in the evening of 24.08.2021.



The festival program will feature:

  • professional theatres, children’s and youth amateur theatre groups and studios, as well as choreographic, literary and creative groups associated with theatre;

  • children’s, youth and adult, both amateur and professional (to be scored separately): circus groups, clowning theatres, schools, associations, studios of cultural or educational institutions and other establishments.




Grand forms: Duration: 30 min - 1h 10 min.

  • straight play;

  • composition (musical-dramatic, body mobility, musical-literary);

  • musical play (opera, ballet, musical, dance performance);

  • puppet show.

Short theatrical forms: Duration: 5 - 20 min.

  • Musical - dramatic composition;

  • body mobility composition;

  • musical–literary composition.

Art of declamation: Duration: up to 6 min

  • author reading (own composition);

  • dramatic reading (poem, prose, monologue).

Fashion theatre: Duration: up to 7 min.

Age of contestants: children’s groups under 14, youth groups 15-20, adult groups over 20 and mixed groups. The collection should include at least 3 fashion models. The collection catwalk show should be created using a certain plot.

Sketches of theatrical costumes:

Sketches for a performance, musical, opera, etc. (5-8 sketches).  A comment on one A4 page to be attached to the sketches. The comment should include the performance name; when the

sketches were made; where the performance took place; as well as a brief description of theatrical costumes (materials used and artistic background).




  • acrobatics

  • athletics

  • gymnastics

  • aerial gymnastics

  • juggling

  • balancing act

  • illusion act

  • clownery

  • pantomime

  • musical eccentricity

  • show program (light show)


  • individual performers (solo, duo);

  • small forms (3 to 5 people);

  • ensembles (6 people and more).

Age categories:

  • 7-9 years;

  • 10-13 years;

  • 14-17 years;

  • 18-21 years;

  • 22-25 years;

  • 26 years and more;

  • professionals;

  • mixed age category.



  • A circus group or soloist presents one performance; a clowning theatre presents 2 sideshows. Duration of solo and pair performances shall not exceed 5 minutes (an assistant shall not be considered as performance participant). 3 or more people can participate in group performances. Performance duration: up to 6 min.



Deadline for applications:  1.08.2021

The participant must:

  • send a completed application by e-mail:

  • indicate in the application a link to the placement of competitive video material (Cloud Mail.Ru, Yandex.Disk, Google Drive, Youtube)

  • receive a response from the Organizing Committee - registration number and invoice.

  • pay invoice and send us a payment confirmation by email.

 Registration fee and participation payment:

  • Registration of the application: 10€. Should the applicant cancel his participation, this amount is not refundable.

  • Participation fee:  35€ soloist, 55€ duo, 65€ trio, 100€ for groups from 4 to 10 persons, 200€ person for groups from 11 to 20 persons.

 Any contestant can participate in several nominations, but payment for each nomination is made in full (registration of the application + participation fee).



  • The Organizing Committee of the International Theatre and Circus Arts Competition Festival INSPIRATION has formed a competent international jury.  At the end of the Festival Competition, the contestants and teachers will have an opportunity to exchange opinions and to discuss the competition performances with jury members at a round table meeting.

  • The Competition Jury shall evaluate the performance of contestants by the following criteria: script, stage composition, art direction, choreography, body mobility solution, background music, backdrop decoration, costume, actor's typification.

  • The Jury has the following rights: to distribute places among contestants, to refrain from awarding all places, to award special prizes. If the voting result on any issue has equally divided votes, the vote of the Jury Chairman shall be decisive.

  • Neither the Jury nor the Organizing Committee shall have the right to disclose the Competition results before the official Awards Ceremony.

  • The decision of the Jury is final and not subject to change.

  • The jury will consider entries from 20.08 to 23.08.2021. The results will be published  on the our website: in the evening of 24.08.2021



The following prizes shall be awarded at the Competition:

  • The Grand Prix diploma

  • I, II, III,IV, V, VI place - diplomas

The following special diplomas will be awarded at the Theatre Arts Competition:

  • for the best stage composition, script production, performance libretto;

  • for the best stage direction;

  • for the best choreography, body mobility solution of performance;

  • for the best background music of performance;  for the best backdrop decoration of performance;

  • for the best stage costume;

  • for the best actor's typification.

The following special diplomas will be awarded at the Circus Arts Competition:

  • for the best art direction of a program, performance, sideshow;

  • for devotion to the genre;

  • for artistic impression;

  • for the best costume;

  • for originality of performance.

Diplomas will be sent to participants of the distance competition, diplomas or letters of thanks will be sent to the leaders by e-mail specified in the application until 30.8.2021.


Sent videos will be posted on our sites and pages on the Internet:  group THEATRE & CIRCUS ARTS FEST IN TURKU



SEM Consulting  Oy and  International Cultural Association (Turun kansainvaliset kulttuurimarkkinat yhdistys ry,  Turku, Finland).

Contact details: Email : Contact phone : +358505238257

 All detailed information about the competition, application form and conditions of the competition on the website: