on holding of the International  Theatre Arts  Competition-Festival , 21-24.8.2020

1. Organizers of the festival:
Founders: SEM Consulting Oy, Finland and the International Cultural Association of Turku (Turun kansainväliset kulttuurimarkkinat yhdistys ry, Finland). Competition-Festival takes place under the informational support of Finnish and Russian newspapers and newspapers of the participating countries, as well as of the radio.
The Festival will not be only a beautiful and spectacular competition, but once again will highlight the importance of culture in strengthening of friendship and development of a creative collaboration between different countries and people.

2. Purposes of the festival-competition:
•    development of the professional and amateur theater; identification of talented collectives, directors, performers, artists,  stage designers;
•    increase of the prestige and social role of  the theater
•    creative exchange of experience
•    increase of the professional level of leaders of theatrical collectives

3. Terms of the festival:
Professional theaters, child and youth amateur theatrical collectives and studios, choreographic, literary and creative collectives can take part in the festival.

4. Categories:
Grand formats: Duration 30min-1h 10 min
-    straight play
-    composition (musical-dramatic, body mobility, music -literary
- music play (opera,  ballet, e musical, dance  performance);
- puppet show
4.2 Short theatrical formats. Duration: 5 - 20 min 
- music – drama composition
- body mobility
- musical – literary composition
4.3 Art of declamation. Duration: up to 6 min
- reading (own composition)
- dramatic reading (poem, prose, monologue)
4.4. Fashion theatre. Duration: up to 5 min
Age of participants: children’s groups under 14, youth groups 15-20, adult groups 20 and older and mixed groups.

5 .  The following events are included in the festival:
Formal opening of the competition; competition; master classes of leading European and Russian teachers; meetings of teachers; leisure actions; ceremony of rewarding; Gala concert.

6 . Participation in the festival:
6.1. Participants present to the organizing committee till July 1 the following documents:
• An application (by e-mail);
• Arrival and departure data;
ATTENTION! ! ! The organizing committee has the right to stop admitting applications before the fixed time.
6.2. Nomination "dramatic art"
Scenic equipment, technique and scenery are delivered by collectives. Performances with mobile scenery are more preferable. Specifications of a scene are sent by additional inquiry. Time of installation (dismantlement) is limited.
6.3. Nomination Fashion Theatre. Nationally stylized costume.
- participants of this nomination represent a costume collection. The collection must consist  of 3 models at least. The fashion show must have a certain plot. Duration of a fashion show is up to 5 min.
6.4. Competitive program of the festival participants (singers) the phonogram isn’t permitted (-), for a gala concert is permitted (+).
• All performers program, as well as the song that dance show and other performances such as the gala concert of the songs sent in Mp3 format by email in connection with the registration, at least 1.07. Mp3 must save in the following sequence in English:
Performance´s number, country, city, participant's name and surname, the name of the song
For example: 
1, The Finland, Kuopio, Anne Lahtinen, Bird
2, Finland, Kuopio, Anne Lehtinen, Adagio
Gala, Finland, Kuopio, Anne Lehtinen, My World
Back- vocals are allowed fragments without a major party. Participants who violate the rules will not be allowed to take part in the competition. Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse the participation of groups that have bad quality sound track, or recorded on obsolete media. Artists may make accompanying.

7. The jury
7.1. The Organizing Committee of the International Competition-Festival "Inspiration " is formed by competent international judges from Finland, Russia, Sweden, France and Ukraine. At the end of the competition-festival participants and teachers have an opportunity to exchange views and discuss  competitive performances with the jury members at the meeting of the Roundtable.
7.2. The jury of the competition estimates works of participants on the following criteria: scenic composition; direction; choreography, mobility; background music; decorating; costume; actor's play.
7.3. The jury has the right: to divide places among participants; not to award all the prizes; to award special prizes. The decision of the Chairman of the jury is final.
- The jury and the organizing committee have no right to disclose results of the competition before the official Awards ceremony.
The jury's decision is final and is not changeble.

8. Awards :
• Winners of I, II, III degree
• Winners of IV, V, VI degree
• Winners of I, II, III degree receive diplomas and cups, winners of IV, V, VI degree receive diplomas and medals, all the other participants - diplomas.
• Special prizes and prizes from the sponsors will be awarded at the festival.

9. Conditions for participation in the festival:
9.1. The organizers pay special attention to the current regulation
9.2. Each participant arrives at the festival in the terms specified in the official invitation.
9.3. The number of delegation members, including attendants, must also be specified in the application. Participants of the festival, accompanying and managers, indicated in the application reside strictly in the hotels that are booked by the organizers of the festival!
9.4. Standard program
Leaders and attendants pay 210€ per person (The price includes: accommodation in a 3-4-bed rooms in a hotel (4 days), breakfast and supper (buffet)).
Participants pay 280€ per person (The price includes: accommodation in a 3-4-bed rooms in a hotel (4days),  breakfast,  supper (buffet) and participation in a festival). Optionally, 2 people can stay in 2-bed room for an additional charge of 60 € per person.
The organizing committee provides services in the organization of dinners.
Applications are admitted till July, 1.
100% of payment must be made till July, 5. The rest of the sum has to be paid on arrival.
9.5. Discount program (for groups of more than 15)
Leaders and attendants pay 160€ per person (Without meals)
The price includes: accommodation in a 4-bed rooms in a hotel in the city center (4 days). There is a shower, a toilet, a TV-set, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a teapot, tea, coffee in the room. 
Participants pay 210€ per person (The price includes: accommodation in a 4-bed rooms in a hotel in the city center, There is a shower, a toilet, a TV-set, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a teapot, tea, coffee in the room and participation in a festival).
This price doesn't include meals. Optionally, 2 people can stay in 2-bed room for an additional charge of 60 € per person(Without meals). 
The organizing committee provides services in the organization of dinners - 17€ per person.
Applications are accepted till July, 1.
100% payment must be made till July, 5.
The quantity of places is limited.

9.6. For residents of Turku (only participating, without accommodation and meals): soloist payment is 50 €, group payment is 110 €.
For other citizens of Finland who do not live in the hotels booked by the organizing committee: soloist payment is 80 €, group payment is 150 €.
Participant is able to take part in several categories filling a separate application form for each nomination.
9.7. Groups or soloists participating in the festival in several categories, pay an additional fee(per person): 50€ - soloists, 35€ - duos ,30€ trios and  25€ - ensembles of 5 and more members (per participant), for each additional category. Soloing is considered as the main category!
9.8. Registration of the application costs 30€ . In case of cancellation, this amount is not refundable. Transfer and other expenses of participants and leaders, as well as the attendants must be paid by the sending parties or the participants themselves.
9.9. Visa and insurance
The visa and insurance are paid by the participant. The organizing committee assists in the reception of a free visa, if applications with the payment order of registration arrive by the 20 of June. Lists of participants to receive free visas must contain the following information:
1. Name and surname (in Latin letters as in passport)
2. Date of Birth
3. Passport number and series
9.10. Excursions are extra charged. The list of excursions i on
9.11. Rules for application submission:
Deadline: July 1. After receiving the application and the copy of the payment order of registration, an official invitation to the festival is sent to the participant. Applications are sent by e-mail. Data on number of the participants, put in the application, are treated as final. Bank details are sent by e-mail after getting the application. 
9.12. To participate in the competition is necessary to prepare and submit electronically the following documents:
1. Application of the approved form (name, as in the passport or the name of the team for the diploma).
2. Copy of payment for the registration application.
3. The complete list of all participants, teachers, leaders and attendants. In the list names and surnames in English, dates of birth and numbers of passports should be indicated.
4. Lists for letters of thanks (no more than 3 per participant) have to be provided till July 1  by e-mail.

10.General rules for participants:
10.1. The Organizing Committee is the exclusive carrier of property rights to broadcast the concert and competition plays on radio and television, as well as the ownership and distribution of printed competitive products, audio and video recordings of the participants of the competition, lectures, seminars and master classes.
10.2. All disputes are submitted to the jury, the organizing committee and management. Their decision is final and not subject to revision.
10.3. Application means consent with a regulation  and is a  contract between organizers and participants of the festival, despite the country of residence. Participation in a festival is confirmed by the invitation sent by the organizer on the basis of the application, lists of the participants and documents confirming the payment for the application registration.
10.4. Refusal from a participation in a festival later than a month before the festival isn't possible, and money isn't given back in this case! Force majeure is only a doctor's certificate given to a person not to a group.
10.5. Each participant has the right to voice advertising of his sponsor during the awards ceremony.
10.6. Children teams must have at least one attendant for 7 people. The head is not an attendant!
10.7. Team leader is responsible for the lives and health of children.
10.8. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for lost things.
10.9. The Organizing Committee has the right to make changes in the Regulation of the festival no later than one week before the festival, informing the registered participants.
10.10. In case of disagreement in the interpretation of this Regulation, and translation into other languages only the Russian text is right.

11. Accommodation:
Participants live in a 3-4-bed rooms in the hotel, which is located in the heart of Turku. Optionally, 2 people can stay in 2-bed room for an additional charge of 60 € per person.

12. Transfer:
Transfer (railway station, hotel, train station) is guaranteed if the date, time, place, train and car, flight number are communicated to the organizers 20 days before the start of the competition.
Meeting participants at railway stations and airport of the city of Turku (
airport-hotel-airport)- -30€ per person. 

Meeting participants at the stations and the airport in Helsinki, a special bus (maximum 49 people) costs 650 €. 
Please include all the wishes in details and in advance in the application.
E-mail address:
Phone:             +358505238257     
The detailed information about the contest application form and conditions of the competition site:

13. Organizers of the festival:
Founders:SEM Consulting Oy, Finland, Y-tunnus 2173033-6 and the International Cultural Association of Turku (Turun kansainväliset kulttuurimarkkinat yhdistys ry, Finland).The festival is supported by the Culture Committee of Turku.

President of the festival: Svetlana Myhkyrä, phone             +358505238257     
The Executive Director: Kari Tukia