Program for "Linguists"

Particularities of the program for "Linguists":

A high-organized and interesting program of lessons, the aim of which is improvement of communication skills, vocabulary expansion and development of grammatical correctness. Studying of language is favored also by a remarkable infrastructure of the camp: modern classes, Speak – cafe (where students don't stop communicating even during the breaks).

All the components of this program:
The course, location, leisure, and also the system of supervision and control over children are developed according to all norms, requirements of this age group. The course of the language consists of 15 lessons a week and is constructed on a "communicative" approach.  Weekly entertaining, cultural events are also included into the program.

Individual lessons (10/20/30 lessons a week) at your choice. After testing and finding out your weaknesses, the teacher makes a scheme of your lessons to satisfy all your requirements. During the course the teacher advises what is better to do for achievement of the purpose.

15 out-of-class "free" hours a week with the teacher, during which you organize a cultural program (shopping, walks, trips to the cinema, bowling etc.) and continue communication after classes. Thanks to it you will start to understand the speech better, will learn to communicate fluently without making mistakes.