Program for "Artists"

In addition to group classes we offer individual lessons: consulting, master - classes, seminars on various areas of vocal, choreography and playing musical instruments. To organize work in an international camp experienced teachers are attracted - directors with experience in giving similar lessons in Finland, Russia and other countries. It will give an opportunity to make the classes with the students and teachers, who come to the camp, more active and productive.
At the end of each shift, there is a contest / festival in the following nominations:
• Soloists-vocalists: pop, academic, folk and jazz vocals
• choral, vocal, vocal and instrumental, folk and folk bands.
• Show groups
• Dance ensembles and soloists: classical, folk, pop, contemporary (jazz, modern, neoclassical), sports (hip-hop, disco, techno, street, electric boogie, break dancing, pop locking) and ballroom dance.
• Artists on musical instruments (soloists and groups): classical, folk, jazz and pop music.
Participants are divided into the following age groups:
• the youngest group of the age of 7 to 11
• average group of the age of 12 to 15
• older group of the age of 16 to 20
• adult group older than 20
Contestants receive certificates and medals as well as special prizes from the sponsors. Special diplomas will be awarded as: Award for Artistry, the youngest participant Diploma, Diploma for the originality of execution, the Diploma for the preservation of national traditions.