Leisure time


The district is located within only twenty minutes of driving from Turku. The bus goes to the city center once an hour.

All the windows of the building look at the fascinating golf courses. There is a possibility to visit a big sauna on the shore, and then it is possible to grill sausages and to admire the sea or to swim. Saunas can be also reserved for an extra charge. The location gives possibilities for going in for different kinds of sport. There is a football field, a tennis court, a court for basketball and volleyball. On the sea – swimming on kayaks, and in the woods – hikes and bicycle rounds.

Excursions: The program of rest is filled with cultural and informative actions, creative evenings, competitions, groups and certainly excursions. We offer a ferry trip to Stockholm, a trip to the Moomin World, to Helsinki, Naantali and around Turku.

Unforgettable rest is guaranteed! Let's spend time together and learn new things according to our good tradition: combining rest, rehearsals and concerts, language lessons, sports, entertainments and excursions. We guarantee excellent mood, a large quantity of interesting actions which don't let you miss. Magnificence of the boundless sky, the sea and creative atmosphere – these recollections will remain for a long time.  Participants, surely, will find new experience, knowledge and communication with creative people, and also immersion in truly creative atmosphere. The sea, the sun and skilled teachers – this is a fine motivation for bright victories in new academic year, at festivals and competitions!