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Sergei Samodov, Russia

2014-2015 - deputy director of the Primorsky state opera and ballet theatre (Vladivostok)
Since 2016 director of the Arkhangelsk drama theatre.

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Sosina Wogayehu, Ethiopia

Circus Artist, Company CEOETHIOPIA
Sosina Wogayehu, CEO Ethio Circus Entertainment, President Addis Ababa Gymnastics Federation
Award-winning Sosina Wogayehu started her circus career at the age of six. She traveled the world as a circus performer as a teenager and later toured for many years with the world-famous Circus Oz, eventually becoming a member on the board of directors at Circus Oz.
Sosina has a degree in Theatre Production from Swinburne University, and a circus degree from NICA in Melbourne, Australia. In 2014, she returned to Ethiopia and began Gamo Circus School. She helps students who often come from families with limited means to gain the best education possible. Sosina understands the immense value young people can gain from exposure to the wider world and has secured invites for many of her students to travel to Australia, the USA, Europe and the Middle East to perform.


Alexey Gusarov, Russia

Theater director, theater and film actor, member of the Guild of Film Actors of Russia.
Special education (university / workshop):
2012-2017 B. Shchukin Theater Institute directing Faculty (correspondence), Specialty "Drama directing". The head of the course is the People's Artist of Russia Yu. N. Pogrebnichko. Defense with the course, the head-People's Artist Yu. I. Eremin.
1998-2002 Institute of Contemporary Art, specialty "Actor of Drama Theater and cinema", master of the course V. N. Komratov.

Director's productions:
For example: - 2016 Moscow Theater-laboratory "ALTER EGO", the play "Warsaw Melody" based on the play of the same name by Leonid Zorin. The performance is a diploma winner of the theater festival "Moscow-The City of Peace" in 2017. Diploma "best duet" festival "Moscow roadside" 2017; - 2017. Theater "Experiments of dramatic studies", the play "Eastern Story" based on the poem by M. Y. Lermontov "The Demon". The play is the winner of the international theater festival "LIK" -2018 (Pushkin Mountains), the winner of a special prize from the organizer of the festival "Moscow Roadside" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of V. A. Eufer in 2018, the diploma winner of theater festivals: "Moscow-the city of the world "2018," Russian classics Lobnya-2018", "Five evenings" (Balabanovo)-2018. Diploma "For the original stage reading of the poem by M. Y. Lermontov "Deman" at the 14th theater festival "Dolgoprudnenskaya Autumn" in 2020; - 2018 Theater-laboratory "S. T. E. R.", the play "I'm on Shostakovich 5". Modern drama. Author: Polina Korotych. The play is a diplomat of the international theater festival "Our Oxygen" (Belgorod) in 2019 , a diplomat of the theater festival "Moscow-the city of Peace" in 2019; - 2019. Theater-laboratory "S. T. E. R.", "The Battle for Mosul" Alexey Zhitkovsky. The performance of the diplomat of the international theater festival "Our Oxygen" (Belgorod) 2020-2020, etc.
Acting work:
- Multi-part films:  "The case of investigator Nikitin" assistant Stroganov 2011-2012 dir. V. A. Krasnopolsky and V. I. Uskov, "Mysterious Passion", KGB officer, dir. V. Furman 2016
- Documentaries: Civilization "Geniuses and Villains" dir. Julia Mavrina: "Maurice Maeterlinck" 2012, "Amundsen" 2012, "Voloshin" 2011, "Francisk Skorina" 2012, "Mickiewicz" 2012, "Kalman" 2011, "Alexander Baev" 2013, etc.
Works on stage:
- "Moscow Regional State Chamber Theater" (2002-2015): S. Labozerov "Family Portrait with an Outsider" (role – Victor); M. Slobodskoy, Ya.Kostyukovsky "The Pythagorean Theorem" (role - the pupil of Pythagoras); Agatha Christie "Witness of the Charges" (Inspector Herne Hans); N. V. Gogol "Sorochinskaya Fair" (artist at the fair); "Marie and Pierre" (photographer); O. Henry "Chief of the Redskins" (Ebenezer Dorset); "Name Day for Baba Yaga" (postman Pechkin) , etc.
- Moscow Theater "World of Art" (2006-2017): A. Kravtsov "The fault was her crown" (Lanskaya); A. Kravtsov "The Shot Sonata" (Anatoly Zhmailov); A. Kravtsov "The Slave Theater for La Traviata" (A. Streltsov); V. Shukshin "Mother's Heart" (Victor) , etc.
- "Theater of Artistic Journalism" (2015-2019): E. Erasmus "The Tale of Peter and Fevronia" (Peter); E. Zhiveynova "I bow before your name" (Alexander Tuchkov). M. Tsvetaeva "If the soul was born winged" (Sergey Efron) , etc.
Participated in the 13th International Director's Workshop at the B. Shchukin Theater Institute

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Boris Liješević, Serbia

Born in Belgrade. Grew up in Budva where he completed his primary and secondary education. Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, Department of Serbian Language and Literature. Degree in stage direction from Academy of Arts in Novi Sad where he currently teaches acting. Three-time recipient of grants from Goethe Institute in Belgrade. 
In 2005 participated in Junger Bühnen-Angehöriger Forum as part of the Theatertreffen festival in Berlin. 
Associate lecturer at The Acting Studio - Zagreb where he teaches method acting. 
During the early years of his professional career worked with young contemporary Serbian playwrights. This cooperation resulted in productions such as Belgrade–London (Fedor Šili), Dear Daddy (Minja Bogavac), Menagerie (Dušan Spasojević), Projection (Miloš Jakovljević). 
Directed plays by contemporary playwrights from Europe and the region: Presence (David Harrower), Look Back In Anger (John Osborne), The Feeling of a Beard (Ksenia Dragunskaya), Bella figura (Yasmina Reza), The Drunks (Ivan Vyrypaev)... 
Developed projects through filming topical talks with anonymous interlocutors revealing their authentic experiences: The Waiting Room, Fertile Days, Regarding the Seagull, Our Fathers Have Built, The Fifth Park. Projects created through improvisation: Guardians of Your Honour.
Working on text, i.e. many hours spent working with the author on their material has been the axis of his creative processes over the last few years as well as a basis for his work in the rehearsal rooms and on stage which has resulted in productions of plays by Igor Štiks: Elijah’s Chair, Flour in the Veins, Zrenjanin; by Fedor Šili: The Magician, The Night Watch; Damir Karakaš: Blue Moon. Productions based on novel dramatisations: Elijah’s Chair by Igor Štiks, Kid in Milk by Yuri Polyakov, Quiet Days in Mixing Part by Erlend Loe, The Use of Man by Aleksandar Tišma, Peace in Ithaca by Sandor Marai. 
Awards: Sterijino Pozorje Awards, Magazine “Dani” – Brave New World awards, Mira Trailovic Award, Ljubomir Muci Draškić Award, Bojan Stupica Award, Anđelko Štimac Award, Petar Kočić Award, Ardalion Award, Cultural Sparkle Award, direction awards from Bar Chronicles festival, Fortress Theatre Festival at Čortanovci. Annual awards from Atelje 212, Serbian National Theatre and Yugoslav Drama Theatre. 

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Olga Kalashnikova, Russia

Kalashnikova Olga is actor, director, singer, international coordinater of international festivales.

In 1986 were graduated theater's college in the Nijny Novgorod on the drama and acting .
From 1986till 2016 worked in Rostov on Don a Academic theater for Youth as actres.
In 1990 were singer of the group Kabatchok till now.
With that group I were traveling all around the world.
In 2008 and 2011 as International coordinate on the frame working programm International festival for children and youth Minifest I together with belgian director Eva Ball create theatre collaboration "Children+theater".
In 2011 I became arts director "Classes Hour company"
In frame of this platform was made International festival for children Minicult, International festival of contemporary plays"Rostov's reading", "prison s theater"
From 2012 till 2017 I were main director of the theater Theater 18+. Here I did 12 contemporary plays and plaid in the perfomanses.
From 2017 till now I am teaching for Youth theater class.

Doshan Sakenuly Saken, Kazahstan.jpg

 Doskhan Sakenuly, Kazakhstan

From August 2020 - Director of the Zhezkazgan Kazakh Music and Drama Theater named after S. Kozhamkulov   
- March 2008 - January 2009 Administration of the Akim of Almaty, State Fund for the Development of Youth Policy of Almaty - Head of the center "JAS-ART"
- November 2008 - December 2009 Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov - producer of "Creative Laboratory"
- August 2011 - March 2013 Kazygurrtfilm LLP –Art –Director
- May 2013 - August 2016 "Alashuly" ethno-group - PR director
- September 2016 - October 2018 LLP "CINEMA COMPANY 28" - Director
- 2019 - Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M. Auezov 
- January  - February  - Head of Marketing and Public Relations Department
- February  - October  - Deputy Director for Organizational Affairs
- October 2019 - March 2020 - Head of Marketing and Public Relations Department, Press Secretary
- March 2020 - psd Republican Public Association "Kazakhstan Society for the Management of Intellectual Property Rights" - Executive Director
- 2012 III-International Musical Festival (Daegu, South Korea) - Project Manager;
- 2013 International Ethno Music Festival (Ufa, Bashkortostan) - PR-director of Alashuly
- 2014 TRT AVAZ TRC - Rotation of clips and promotion of the Alashuly group (Ankara, Turkey)
- 2014 Organization of a tour of the city of Alashuly in Turkey
- 2016 "Tokal" x / f - Actor
- 2017 "For your sake" x / f - Director of the picture
- 2018 "28 THEATER" organization of the theater's participation in international theater festivals
- 2018 w. "Night at the Museum-2018" Almaty Museum organizer
- 2018 International Festival of Short Films "POZITIVE" - Head of the Department of "International Relations"
2019 "Vakhtangov Festival of Theater Managers" - advanced training. 


Bakhtiev Damir, Russia

Theater Institute named after B. Shchukin at the State Academic Theater. E. Vakhtangov. Moscow. Directing department. The course of the People's Artist of the Russian Federation Yu.N. Pogrebnichko. Graduation 2016, with honors (diploma with honors). Continues her postgraduate studies with a degree in Theory and History of Art.
More than 40 acting works in the theater, including:
Alexander Vertinsky - “Today I am laughing at myself ...” A. Vertinsky, Porfiry Petrovich - "Crime and Punishment", Dir. Y. Pogrebnichko, A. Levitsky, (TI named after B. Shchukin), Steve Oblonsky - "Anna Karenina", L. Tolstoy, Dir. Y. Soloviev,  M. Chekhov International Laboratory, Teacher - "Nameless Star", musical, Dir. P. Knyazkov, Dolgoprudenenskiy Theater "Gorod", Bui-tour Vsevolod - "The Word about Igor's Regiment", Old Russian text, Dir. E. Kuzina, M. Chekhov International Laboratory, Eric Larsen - "Mysterious Variations", E.-E. Schmitt, Dir. S. Shanskaya, Theater "Bird", Daniil Kharms - "The trial that never happened", D. Kharms, Dir. S. Shanskaya, Theater "Bird", etc.
2021 - "Vasily Turkin", A. Tvardovsky, Moscow Regional Philharmonic.
2020 - "Fedorino grief", K. Chukovsky, Theater laboratory of Damir Bakhtiev.
2018 - "The Ballad of a Small Tug", I. Brodsky, Moscow Regional Philharmonic.
2017 - "Fly - Tsokotukha. Birthday with an orchestra "based on K. Chukovsky, Moscow Regional Philharmonic.
2017 - Anna German. When Gardens Blossom ”, L. Tastanova, Theater Laboratory of Damir Bakhtiev.
2015 - "Holy Work", F. Bulyakov, Theater laboratory "Shatok" on the basis of the State Central Museum named after A.A. Bakhrushina
2015 - "The Tale of the Balda Ostolopov" based on the fairy tale of A.S. Pushkin "The Tale of the Priest and His Worker Balda" - Graduation performance with 4th year students at the Moscow Regional College of Arts (folklore department).
2015 - "Go there, I don't know where ...", based on a Russian folk tale - A graduation performance with 4th year students at the Moscow Regional College of Arts (folklore department).
2015 - "Stomach and other parts of the body", J. De La Fontaine, International Interuniversity Competition of independent student works among theatrical Higher Educational Institutions (TI named after B. Shchukin), etc.
2017: Member of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation.
Awarded with the diplomas "Best Actor", "Best Actor's Performance of Songs", "Audience Choice Award" for his role in the solo performance "I am laughing at myself today ..." at the International Festival "Theater Assemblies - 2017" (Balashikha).
Laureate diploma "For the creation of the image of Alexander Vertinsky" for the role in the solo performance "I am laughing at myself today ..." at the International festival "Moscow - the city of the world" (Moscow).
2015: Diploma "For social directorial temperament" at the 13th International Interuniversity Competition of independent student works among theatrical Higher Educational Institutions.
2013: Diploma "For the theme of the community of the world, disclosed in a dynamic, spectacular performance for children and adults" for staging the play "A Little Fairy Tale" by R. Kipling at the Regional Festival "Dolgoprudnenskaya Autumn".
2010: Diploma "Best male role" at the festival of theaters of the Moscow Region for the performance of the role of Alexander Vertinsky in the one-man show "I am laughing at myself today ..." based on the autobiography of A. Vertinsky, dir. Yu. Soloviev.
2008: Diploma of the festival "Prologue-Spring 2008" (Moscow) for the role in the play "Primitive Tales", dir. S. Shanskaya.
Since 2009 - a member of the non-profit charitable organization for the social and cultural rehabilitation of children with serious illnesses "Hospital Clowns". Regular participant of the children's inclusive festival "Red" (2013-2016).
Since 2012 - Lecturer at the Moscow Regional College of Arts (subjects - stage speech and theater direction). Since 2014 - master of the course.
Since 2015 - Lecturer at Moscow State Pedagogical University (Theater laboratory). 


Oliver Jovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

OLIVER JOVIĆ, producer and drama pedagogue Born in 1985 in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He graduated from the Department of Production at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Tuzla, in the class of docent Edin Lonić. During his studies he worked in professional art productions. Particularly outstanding is the engagement in the independent theatre company East West Center Sarajevo. For a year he was a producer at the Bosnian National Theatre Zenica as the first highly educated producer in the public theatre of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After graduation he decided to become a freelance producer and curator. In cooperation with the Center for Culture Travnik he started a drama program Teatre Workshop, dealing with the socialization of young people and children through theatre.

He works on a major regional project Generator- platform for the development of a contemporary theatre for children. As part of the MESS festival programme team, he actively works on developing a program for children and young people Mini MESS. He is the author of the documentary play The Hidden Shadows, which directly deals with the problem of violence against women and children in the modern society of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Valeria Prikhodchenko-2а.jpg

Valeria Prikhodchenko, Russia

Valeria Prikhodchenko-actress, director
Leningrad State Institute of Theater Music and Cinematography,
Faculty of Dramatic Art:
- director of the drama theater, workshop of  M. Sulimov 1994-1995
- actress of theater and cinema, workshop of  L. Dodin 1990-1994
Arkhangelsk Music School, piano class 1984-1988.


Artistic Director of the Drama Theater "Big Dipper".
The author of the idea, the founder and the head of  the Independent International Competition of Contemporary Drama "The original event-the XXI century".
Founder and head of the Laboratory of Modern Drama "Department of  Drama-XXI century".


Olga Galakhova* (Koroleva), Russia  

Theater cri and historian of the theatre,  editor-in-chief of the newspaper "DA" (House of the Actor) since 1991
Candidate of Art History
In 1989, she was the press secretary of the first international festival of street theaters "Caravan of the World" (artistic director Vyacheslav Polunin). 
In 2001-press secretary of the program of street theaters of the World Theater Olympiad (International Theater Festival named after A. P. Chekhov, artistic director V. Polunin).
From 2003 to 2005, she worked as an assistant to the artistic director of the Satire Theater for public Relations. In 2005, she worked in the press service of the International Chekhov Theater Festival.  
Member of the Expert Council of the National Award, the Golden Mask Festival (2001-2003).
2010 – 2013 curator of the program of the Center for Drama and Directing A. Kazantsev and M. Roshchin

2013-2020 Assistant artistic director of the Moscovskij Gubernskij Theater S. V. Bezrukov
2012-2015-theater columnist for RIA Novosti
2006- 2009-Executive editor of the magazine "Stanislavsky" - theater application " NG "
In 2017 – 2019, Deputy Artistic director of the Maly Theater
2018-2019 art Director of the Big Children's Festival
2018 -2019 Art Director of the festival "Stanislavsky Factory"
Teacher of the Department of "History of the Theater of Russia" of GITIS (State Institute of Theatre Art)  and the Department of Art History of the M. S. Shchepkin VTU
Constantly published in the "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", "Literaturnaja Gazeta".


Sami Rannila, Turku, Finland

Sami is a member of the Union of the Finnish Theatre Directors. Freelance theatre director, dramaturge and playwriter. Directed 58 plays in 17 different Fnnish professional theatres. Writed 28 plays for 9 different Finnish professional theatres. Dramatized 13 plays for 5 different finnish professional theatres. Acted in 20 plays in 5 different Finnish professional theatres. Composed theatre music and/or lyrics in 33 plays in 6 different theatres.
Has several professional awards including:
Award of Children and Youth Culture, Moominworld 2012
Grant, Finnish Cultural Foundation, 2009
Grant, Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation 2009
Founder, Linnateatteri Turku 2003
Founder, Osuuskunta Säätämö 2010
Founder, Pop up-teatteri 2014
Allocated grants from Arts Council of Finland,
Nine different plays 1999-2002
Allocated grants, City of Turku, 1997 and 1998


Alexander Aladyshev, Russia

Alexander Aladyshev

An actor at Vladimir drama theatre (Russian Federation, Vladimir) since 2010.

An actor at  Moscow drama theatre under the baton Armen Dzhigarkhanyan (Russian Federation Moscow) from 2016 till 2018.

An actor at Theatre.DOC since 2020.

Alexander is a leading actor at Vladimir drama theatre since 2010, he acted title roles at Moscow drama theatre under the baton Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. Alexander performed in different countries (Israel, Spain, France, Austria, Serbia, Macedonia, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Moldova), as well as in various cities across Russia (Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Lipetsk, Kostroma, Sochi, Tambov, Voronezh, Smolensk, Belgorod, Kaluga, Saint-Petersburg and many others).

Alexander performed title roles include:

-    Lev Myshkin (‘Idiot” by F.Dostoevsky)
-    Hamlet (“Hamlet” by W.Shakespeare)
-    Edmund (“King Lear” by W.Shakespeare)
-    Hamlet (monodrama “Hamlet’s dreams” by Nina Mazur)
-    Paris (“Romeo and Juliet” by W.Shakespeare)
-    Dog Sharik and Poligraf Sharikov (“Heart of dog” by M.Bulgakov)
-     Egor Glumov (“Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man” by A.Ostrovsky)
-    Troubadour (“Bremen musicians” by Brothers Grimm)
-    Vasily Zhadov (“A profitable position” by A.Ostrovsky)
-    Sergey (“Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk” by N.Leskov)
-    Prince Zvezdich (“Masquerade” by M.Lermontov)

Alexander was a participant of The International theatre festival VOICES 2020 (USA, New-Jersey). He played the monodrama “Hamlet’s dreams” (in English).

Alexander performed roles at Moscow drama theatre include:

-    Svirid Golochvostov (“For two hares” by Mychajlo P.Staryc'kyj)
-    Clown (“Poems”)

At Theatre.DOC:
-    X (“Casting”)

During his study, Alexander participated in a numbers of a major master classes:

-    Anatoliy Vasiliev,
-    Lola Coen (Lee Strasberg Institute New York) 
and others.

He is a participant and winner of plenty international theatre festivals including such countires: Israel, Spain, Austria, France, Serbia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Moldova).

In addition to his drama actor skills Alexander is a professional pop singer and composer.


Pekka Saaristo, Turku, Finland

Pekka Saaristo appeared for the first time on a theatrical scene about 40 years ago.
Since 1969 he has worked as an actor of the city theatre in Jyvaskyla, and in 4 years he began working as a director of the city theatre in Vaasa.  He worked as a director and actor in different cities across Finland.
Pekka Saaristo is the author of 17 theatrical plays. He also wrote plenty of stories, poems and aphorisms,
and he also was the author of several radio programs.  Pekka Saaristo is a member of the Union of theatrical
heads of Finland and a member of the Union of playwrights of Finland.

1 Экрот  Юлия.jpg

Yulia Ekrot, Russia

Yulia Ekrot - master of the stage of the Academic Drama Theater named after V.I. Savina of the Komi Republic, Laureate of the State Prize of the Komi Republic, director of a puppet theater, teacher and master of 
course at the V. Chistalev College of Culture of the Komi Republic. 
Born on April 7 in the village of Polyana, Ukhta region of the Komi Republic. In the theater since 1992. Immediately after school, she entered a studio at the theater, worked for two years. In 1994 she entered the Yaroslavl State Theater Institute (YAGTI). She was accepted into the troupe in 2000. 
In 2019 she graduated from the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts (RGISI) in Saint Petersburg. Puppet theater faculty - Director of the puppet 
theater. She was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Komi Republic (2013). She is a laureate of the VII Republican Theater Competition named after I. Honored Artist of the RSFSR S.I. Ermolina in the nomination "Best Performance" for high professionalism in the performance of the role of Smeraldina and the role of Clarice in the play "Truffaldino il servitore" based on the play "Servant of Two Masters" by K. Goldoni (2015) 
Roles of the current repertoire: 
"The Thunderstorm" N. Ostrovsky - Kabanikha. 
"The Seagull" A.P. Chekhov - Polina Andreevna. 
Regan - "King Lear" by W. Shakespeare 
Countess granddaughter - "Woe from Wit" A. Griboyedov 
Kabato - "Khanuma" A. Tsagareli 
Maid of honor - "Romeo and Juliet" by W. Shakespeare. 
"Elephant" A. Kopkov - Varvara. 
"Shores" L. Tereniev - Mother. 
Fairy - "Bluebird" M Maeterlink. 
Maid of honor, puppeteer - "The Tale of the Wonderful Flint" by E. Sofronova 
As a director, she staged puppet theater performances at the Savin Drama Theater: 
The play is "Black Hen" based on A. Pogorelsky's magic story "Black Hen or Underground inhabitants." 
Performances - “Valley of the Fairies. Spring "," Summer "," Winter "Yu. Ekrot 
Performance - "Six Rooms" based on G. Lorca's play "The House of Bernarda Alba" 
The project of theatrical reading of fairy tales "Visiting Aunt Rose" 
Project together with Rostelecom - reading of fairy tales "Legends and fairy tales of the Komi people" 
As a master of the course, director and head of the Student Theater of the V.Chistalev College of Culture, "Papa Carlo's Theater" staged the following performances: 
"Little Muk" by Gauf, "The Enchanted Path" by A. Popov, "What a Wonderful Day" by Suteev's tales, "Let's Twilight" by S. Kozlov's tales, "The World of My Stories and Dreams" by G.H. Andersen's tales, “Soul” based on the plays by V. Savin, “Little Red Riding Hood” based on the play by Shapovalov, “Bernard” based on the play by G. Lorca “House of Bernard Alba”, “Siblings” based on the novel by Larisa Romanovskaya. 


Sergey Korotkov, Riga, Latvia

From 1995 to 2010 worked as a director of children' theatre "Ya+Ya" (Me+Me) in Odessa city.
Since 2010has been teaching of theatre acting in children's vocal studio "Pumpurini".


Igor Kutkov, St. Petersburg, Russia

Graduated from Leningrad state theatre, music and cinematograthy arts academy, named after N. Cherkasov. Has been an actor in several plays including:
"Premiere" (1994), "Sacred Fort" (1992-94), "The new theatre close to Narva gates"(1994-96 гг.), "Theatre of satira on Vasilevsky"(2001-2002) and "Burzachilo"(1997-2004).
From 2007 to 2010 worked as a chief director of puppet theatre "Petrushka" in Surgut city.