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Sergei Samodov, Russia

2014-2015 - deputy director of the Primorsky state opera and ballet theatre (Vladivostok)
Since 2016 director of the Arkhangelsk drama theatre.


Alexey Gusarov, Russia

Theater director, theater and film actor, member of the Guild of Film Actors of Russia.
Special education (university / workshop):
2012-2017 B. Shchukin Theater Institute directing Faculty (correspondence), Specialty "Drama directing". The head of the course is the People's Artist of Russia Yu. N. Pogrebnichko. Defense with the course, the head-People's Artist Yu. I. Eremin.
1998-2002 Institute of Contemporary Art, specialty "Actor of Drama Theater and cinema", master of the course V. N. Komratov.

Director's productions:
For example: - 2016 Moscow Theater-laboratory "ALTER EGO", the play "Warsaw Melody" based on the play of the same name by Leonid Zorin. The performance is a diploma winner of the theater festival "Moscow-The City of Peace" in 2017. Diploma "best duet" festival "Moscow roadside" 2017; - 2017. Theater "Experiments of dramatic studies", the play "Eastern Story" based on the poem by M. Y. Lermontov "The Demon". The play is the winner of the international theater festival "LIK" -2018 (Pushkin Mountains), the winner of a special prize from the organizer of the festival "Moscow Roadside" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of V. A. Eufer in 2018, the diploma winner of theater festivals: "Moscow-the city of the world "2018," Russian classics Lobnya-2018", "Five evenings" (Balabanovo)-2018. Diploma "For the original stage reading of the poem by M. Y. Lermontov "Deman" at the 14th theater festival "Dolgoprudnenskaya Autumn" in 2020; - 2018 Theater-laboratory "S. T. E. R.", the play "I'm on Shostakovich 5". Modern drama. Author: Polina Korotych. The play is a diplomat of the international theater festival "Our Oxygen" (Belgorod) in 2019 , a diplomat of the theater festival "Moscow-the city of Peace" in 2019; - 2019. Theater-laboratory "S. T. E. R.", "The Battle for Mosul" Alexey Zhitkovsky. The performance of the diplomat of the international theater festival "Our Oxygen" (Belgorod) 2020-2020, etc.
Acting work:
- Multi-part films:  "The case of investigator Nikitin" assistant Stroganov 2011-2012 dir. V. A. Krasnopolsky and V. I. Uskov, "Mysterious Passion", KGB officer, dir. V. Furman 2016
- Documentaries: Civilization "Geniuses and Villains" dir. Julia Mavrina: "Maurice Maeterlinck" 2012, "Amundsen" 2012, "Voloshin" 2011, "Francisk Skorina" 2012, "Mickiewicz" 2012, "Kalman" 2011, "Alexander Baev" 2013, etc.
Works on stage:
- "Moscow Regional State Chamber Theater" (2002-2015): S. Labozerov "Family Portrait with an Outsider" (role – Victor); M. Slobodskoy, Ya.Kostyukovsky "The Pythagorean Theorem" (role - the pupil of Pythagoras); Agatha Christie "Witness of the Charges" (Inspector Herne Hans); N. V. Gogol "Sorochinskaya Fair" (artist at the fair); "Marie and Pierre" (photographer); O. Henry "Chief of the Redskins" (Ebenezer Dorset); "Name Day for Baba Yaga" (postman Pechkin) , etc.
- Moscow Theater "World of Art" (2006-2017): A. Kravtsov "The fault was her crown" (Lanskaya); A. Kravtsov "The Shot Sonata" (Anatoly Zhmailov); A. Kravtsov "The Slave Theater for La Traviata" (A. Streltsov); V. Shukshin "Mother's Heart" (Victor) , etc.
- "Theater of Artistic Journalism" (2015-2019): E. Erasmus "The Tale of Peter and Fevronia" (Peter); E. Zhiveynova "I bow before your name" (Alexander Tuchkov). M. Tsvetaeva "If the soul was born winged" (Sergey Efron) , etc.
Participated in the 13th International Director's Workshop at the B. Shchukin Theater Institute.


Sami Rannila, Turku, Finland

Sami is a member of the Union of the Finnish Theatre Directors. Freelance theatre director, dramaturge and playwriter. Directed 58 plays in 17 different Fnnish professional theatres. Writed 28 plays for 9 different Finnish professional theatres. Dramatized 13 plays for 5 different finnish professional theatres. Acted in 20 plays in 5 different Finnish professional theatres. Composed theatre music and/or lyrics in 33 plays in 6 different theatres.
Has several professional awards including:
Award of Children and Youth Culture, Moominworld 2012
Grant, Finnish Cultural Foundation, 2009
Grant, Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation 2009
Founder, Linnateatteri Turku 2003
Founder, Osuuskunta Säätämö 2010
Founder, Pop up-teatteri 2014
Allocated grants from Arts Council of Finland,
Nine different plays 1999-2002
Allocated grants, City of Turku, 1997 and 1998


Pekka Saaristo, Turku, Finland

Pekka Saaristo appeared for the first time on a theatrical scene about 40 years ago.
Since 1969 he has worked as an actor of the city theatre in Jyvaskyla, and in 4 years he began working as a director of the city theatre in Vaasa.  He worked as a director and actor in different cities across Finland.
Pekka Saaristo is the author of 17 theatrical plays. He also wrote plenty of stories, poems and aphorisms,
and he also was the author of several radio programs.  Pekka Saaristo is a member of the Union of theatrical
heads of Finland and a member of the Union of playwrights of Finland.


Sergey Korotkov, Riga, Latvia

From 1995 to 2010 worked as a director of children' theatre "Ya+Ya" (Me+Me) in Odessa city.
Since 2010has been teaching of theatre acting in children's vocal studio "Pumpurini".


Igor Kutkov, St. Petersburg, Russia

Graduated from Leningrad state theatre, music and cinematograthy arts academy, named after N. Cherkasov. Has been an actor in several plays including:
"Premiere" (1994), "Sacred Fort" (1992-94), "The new theatre close to Narva gates"(1994-96 гг.), "Theatre of satira on Vasilevsky"(2001-2002) and "Burzachilo"(1997-2004).
From 2007 to 2010 worked as a chief director of puppet theatre "Petrushka" in Surgut city.