Turun kansainväliset kulttuurimarkkinat yhdistys ry is going to coordinate the team meeting, partners of which are youth groups from Germany, Italy, Portugal and Bulgaria. The name of the project is “I’m a part of Europe”.

The team meeting is organized 1.8-13.8.2014 in Turku. The duration of the project is 12 days. 36 full-aged young male and female people participate in the project. Six young people and one leader from Finland, six young people and two leaders from Germany, six young people and one leader per group from other countries take part in the project. There are six leaders in project (1/country, 2 ones in the German group). The preparation meeting takes place 30.5 – 1.6.2014 in Turku. There are two immigrants in the Finnish group. The young people originated from Russia and Estonia have participated in the activity of Art Bravo center and that’s why they are interested in the team meeting. Groups from Germany, Italy, Portugal and Bulgaria take part in the Youth in Action-team meeting for the first time.


The topic of the project is Europe-awareness. The sub-themes are European Parliament elections, art and culture, acquaintance and get-together. The aim of the project is to be acquainted with the concepts of active European citizens and to find some ways to be active as well as to support the activity of young people, to add tolerance towards people of other cultures. In 2014 elections of the European Parliament are held. Young people are seeking general decisions or are just trying to understand the background of the most of the European challenges. They are looking for answers to some questions , such as “Immigrants’ equality”, “Influence possibilities”, “Being a citizen of the EU” or @What do the citizens wait from the EU?”.


There are many methods: young people imagine that they are the members of the EU elections. The program of the team meeting consists of meetings, games, conversations, presentations in different ways (power point presentations, cultural events, mind map, Learning Café- round, and panel discussions). They observe European mentality from different views: political and multicultural. Young people are also motivated to participate in voluntary work. The program of the team meeting includes such topics as European citizenship, voluntary work, youth unemployment, tolerance. They visit also the employment office and the center of youth’s affairs in Turku.

Besides young people present their stories about their countries that they prepare in advance. The groups get prepared for the project in their own countries. The plans are made in chats, Facebook and by emails. Every group writes about the project in a local newspaper. Young people make video of the meeting, which is downloaded in YouTube, and they write blogs. They talk about their new experience e