Have to know
Birth certificate's copy or passport
Copy of the policy of obligatory medical insurance
Vaccination card

The administration asks parents to point out in the application – questionnaire the state of health of the child – chronic diseases, allergies, restriction of occupations in sports, and also to give all the contact details. We guarantee confidential medical information.
The administration advises to hand money to administration after arrival to the camp for safe keeping. Money is given to a child on the first request, and parents can always receive information on children's expenses. Administration is not responsible for money that isn't handed to it.
Additional excursions are paid in the camp.
The list of documents for children leaving for the camp of "Bravo"
For visa

1 photo of 35х45 mm (without corners, stamps), black – white or color on a light background.

Passport (validity period - 90 days from the moment of return)

Letter of attorney from both parents, an original one (children take with themselves!!!)

It is also necessary to have:
Application with parents’  signature 
Medical certificate from policlinic for children leaving for the camp