The vacation spot offers you the sea, a lot of possibilities for activity, green golf courses, glamour style of estates, old buildings and old cultural landscapes in the middle of the green nature. Participants of the camp live in the buildings which are in the beautiful and ecologically clean spot in the Southwest part of Finland on the shore of the Baltic Sea.







































Category A: in double-triple rooms, in which there is a shower, a toilet and a TV-set. There are also spacious saunas, a pool, a gym and also restrooms with a TV-set in the building. For those who "is on friendly terms" with a computer, the computer class is open every day. There are two pianos and classes for occupations.






















Category B: a separate estate for a group of 25-30 people, in which there are separate rooms for 3 people. There is a TV-set, a refrigerator, a shower and an air conditioner in each room. A microwave oven, a coffeemaker, a teapot, a refrigerator and an ironing board are in free use.