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Suomea iloisemmin 

      Osa 1


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Suomea iloisemmin 

      Osa 2


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Suomea iloisemmin 

      Osa 3


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Suomea iloisemmin 

     3 books


Minä pärjään itse is a textbook that is designed for studying Finnish in depth and for those who are wishing to improve their own Finnish. This material examines situations in which a foreigner has to cope on his own. There are 12 sections in this textbook. The structure of the book is simple: first there is a dialogue on the subject, then exercises on vocabulary and on the discussion. Foreigners living in Finland have to deal with various officials, so the tutorial contains a set of dialogues, describing the situations of life. The book has 27 texts in the form of dialogues. The textbook contains many different tasks,makes it easy to remember new terms and words. The aim of the training material is to help with the active language learning. The language of the textbook is Finnish.

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Lääkärin vastaanotolla       Osa 1


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virkailijoiden kanssa 
        Osa 2

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Julkisten laitosten


       Osa 3


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    Osa 4


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Asioimistulkin käsikirja

      4 books



Asioimistulkin käsikirja - textbook, which is designed for those who are preparing to become a business translator, but also for those who already work as a translator. Training material is also suitable for students of Finnish language and who wish to develop their level of the Finnish language.

There are 30 chapters in the books. By the structure the material is clear: first, thematic dialogues are presented, then exercises, and at the end of each book there is a thematic dictionary. There are many different situational dialogues in the textbooks. There are about 50 dialogues and texts - monologues in the books. There are many different exercises, such as exercises to strengthen your vocabulary, exercises designed for oral work in pairs and small groups, as well as exercises for interpretation. The textbook is compiled in the Finnish language and is suitable for all the foreigners who are preparing to become business translators.


The author of the books is Svetlana Myhkyrä, Master of Philosophy degree in Finnish and its related languages, a graduate of the University of Turku. The writer has also graduated from Petrozavodsk Pedagogical Institute as a French and English teacher. At present the author teaches the Finnish language for foreigners in Turku. Svetlana Myhkyrä is a teacher with a large experience. The author of the books works also as a business translator. The series of the books is the first practical training material in Finland, designed for business translators. The Union of Finnish Writers has supported this project.


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