From author of unique method of Finnish language teaching

                                                                                       LEARN FINNISH  FAST AND EASY

We are developed and make high-quality and various teaching materials which are intended for studying the Finnish language.
I aspired to make high-quality, functional and practical teaching materials. Our company is engaged also in working out of new
kinds and models of teaching materials. A starting point is creation of the new approach to studying of the Finnish language, as
a foreign or as a second language. Teaching materials pass test before they go on sale.

Svetlana Myhkyrä


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Course for beginners.

Learn Finnish by pictures



Couse that is designed for studying Finnish in depth and for those who are wishing to improve their own Finnish.This material examines situations in which a foreigner has to cope on his own.
There are 12 sections in this course.



Course, which is designed for those who are preparing to become a business translator, but also for those who already work as a translator. Training material is also suitable for students of Finnish language and who wish to develop their level of the Finnish language.